Cron Error when adding, editing, or removing.

  • adding, editing or removing a cron entry gives me the following error;

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function php_sync_package() in /usr/local/www/packages/cron/cron_edit.php on line 92

    been happening for about a week or so.

    i opened the file "/usr/local/www/packages/cron/cron_edit.php" and indeed there is no function called "php_sync_package" defined; as the error would suggest.

    "php_sync_package()" is also called on line 47, of the same file.

    what can be done ?

  • When the names of some functions were changed to resolve name conflicts between packages, it looks like some of the function calls were missed.  I've fixed the ones that were missed, which includes the one you mentioned.  You can reinstall the package to get the fix whenever the packages get synced again on the web site.  I don't know how often that happens, but you should be able to get the update at least within the next half hour or hour after the time this message was posted.

    If it hasn't been that long by the time you see this and if you don't want to wait, you could manually change all of the php_sync_package calls in that file to cron_sync_package

  • fantastic !

    that did the trick.

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