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  • Friends,

    I need to access data from my adsl modem using snmp.
    More when I configure the port as wan pppoe, there is no option to put the ip in the same class of modem ip!
    How can I configure to access the adsl modem port 80 is utilized snmp?

    Leandro Costa

  • Usually your WAN NIC will have a public IP that is fully routable on the Internet. On the other hand, your ADSL modem will have a private IP like or similar that is not fully routable on the Internet.

    To talk to both the Internet and the ADSL modem at the same time, you would probably need your WAN NIC to have both a public IP address (from your ISP) and also a private IP address on the subnet of the ADSL modem.

    For second or third IP addresses on the same NIC, you do not go to the NIC submenu. Instead you go to the Firewall menu, and select "Virtual IPs." When releaseed, version 2.0 will build on the functionality that is already available in stable pfSense releases.

    Good luck.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

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