Boot Commands / Configuration

  • User coming from a Windows background here, my apologies.

    How do i get pfsense to load certain additional drivers and perform additional commands, at boot time? (or at least immediately after)
    Do i just add the commands into a certain file, or there another way?

    Basically, i'm trying to do this:

    kldload runfw.ko

    ifconfig wlan create wlandev run0

    ifconfig wlan0 list countries

    ifconfig wlan0 country UK

    … And then i'll have to work out the rest, but if i know how to add these commands to boot time (i think the windows equivalent would be autoexec.bat file), i can add the rest as i need to.

    In case anyone's particularly interested as to why:,30302.0.html

  • The run driver is already included in the 2.0 BETA snapshot builds. You will find most of what you are looking for if your search the 2.0 BETA TEsting forum for the string "runfw".

    As Efonne suggested in your other post, you should use the GUI for your configuration.

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