Mounting an external usb-hdd fails :(

  • hello,

    i tried to mount an external 160GB HDD, which is formated with ext3. i`d like to use this for the proxie cache of squid.

    i inserted this in the fstab:

    /dev/ad4s1              /tmp/cache      ext3    rw              0       0

    no i get this error while bootung: operation not supported by device
    i get the same message when i try to mount the hdd by console mount command…

    any suggestions?!


  • ext3 is a Linux file system, not a BSD one.  You'll need to partition it with something supported (such as UFS or UFS2).

    You'll also want to search the forum since this approach has been discussed before and because pfSense isn't stock FreeBSD there may be things that don't work as you'd expect.

  • hi,

    i changed the FS to UFS so now i can mount the HDD.

    now id like to edit the fstab, so that the hdd gets mounted automatically on every reboot.
    the problem is, i cant save the changed settings in fstab, because the FS here is read only. i think its becaues of the installation on an CF-Card.

    any suggestions, how i can solve the problem?!

    thanks a lot

  • Can I recommend the use of the forum's search function. It would have found you this thread far faster than waiting for somebody to do the search for you.

  • thx, i`ll try this

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