Testing throughput of pfsense need help with the setup….!!

  • hi all,
            i want to test the throughput of pfsense for that i made a setup, but there is some problem in that can any one suggest anything, the setup is as follows:

    WAN side              LAN side                           
    (Static)                                              (Static)                                    (pfsense DHCP)

    there is no internet connectivity in this setup, and pfsense is acting as a firewall, DHCP , DNS server for system2. I have installed apache server on system1 and want to access it from system2 on the web browser, which i am not able to access. How can i do it, am i mistaking somewhere, or something wrong in the setup, or there is something wrong with the concept ? Any response is appreciated.

    Ping Statistics:
    system1 --> WAN interface == pinging
    system1 --> LAN interface == pinging
    system1 -->system2== NOT pinging
    system2 --> WAN interface == pinging
    system2 --> LAN interface == pinging
    system2 -->system1 == pinging

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Your problem is probably because you're using RFC1918 addresses on the WAN and public addresses on the LAN - backwards for the way it works in the real world.  Either reverse your allocation, don't use RFC1918 addresses on the WAN or try removing the block for bogons

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