Update beta4 to current and unable to load a kernel

  • I've just done an update to the latest beta from beta4 (full install - not embedded, 32 bit), using the web updater.

    On booting I get "unable to load a kernel".  I have hunted around on here and FreeBSDs docs for what to do but I'm a bit out of my depth now (I'm a Linux sysadmin)

    As far as I can tell I should have a kernel.gz plus modules etc under /boot/kernel but instead I just have a single file - pfsense_kernel.txt.

    I could recover the system by reinstalling and putting the config back on but I'd prefer to fix it or perhaps the remains of it might be handy for a bug report.

    The only thing I can think of that might be "different" is that this is a VM and I think guest tools were installed.

    Shame I didn't clone/snapshot it first 8)

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