Export config 1.23 -> 2.0?

  • Hi.
    I use a router based on pfSense 1.23. It's configured and works fine. I'am going to create a "sandbox" on VM and install pfSense 2.0 Beta and testing new abilities. I wounder if it's possible to export a config (to file) from my 1.23 and import it to 2.0 Beta.
    Best regreads - Mike.

  • Yes, save config file from pfSense 1.2.3 and restore into pfSense 2.0.

  • I did on my test machine by loading 1.2.3 and then letting it do an automatic firmware update…  Worked well other than the pppoE connection...  Ran the setup wizard to make that work.  That was a first of the month version... (November).

    Have fun!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    So you PPPoE connection worked on 1.2.3 but didn't work after an upgrade to 2.0?

    Do you, by chance, happen to have the 1.2.3 config file you can share, and a copy of the config after upgrading to 2.0 with the broken PPPoE connection, and also one where it did work?

    (You can find them under Diagnostics > Backup/Restore, under the Config History tab).

    If there is an upgrade issue moving to 2.0 we need to make sure it gets resolved.

  • I looked but I dont have it here…  Im going to look at my office machine later to see but I may have to start fresh and try it over...

    But this is from that time frame...


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