Squid squidGuard multi-wan status

  • Hello All,

    I posted this same subject a few weeks ago,and got no response.
    On pfSense-2.0 does anyone have squid squidGuard working with a load balancing failover multi-wan setup,to were squid rolls over to wan2 transparently,if wan1 goes down  for example. From what I have read only squid3 can make this possible, if at all.
    Our school would like to get this setup functioning on one box,rather,than running squid on a separate machine.


  • I don't know about squid3, but I also read that squid can't use load-balancing in a transparent proxy mode. which I would really like to do.
    Don't know what the answer would be.


  • AFAIK it is possible.
    Search the forums for the explanation. There is quite a long thread in this board for 2.0 according to that.

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