• Hi I've installed pfsense on an soekris 4801 in wrap mode,

    However i'd like to have some extra functionallity and was wondering if I wound't be able to combine the system into running basics on the cf card, and running swap and all writes (or packages) on a usb disk(memory stick) inserted in the 1.1 usb port ?

    I'm also runnig astlinux on a comparable box and they are doing that so i've got the idea from there.

    Has anybody did this already ? pros / cons ?
    is it possible ?

    Thanks for your advise.

  • why not just run the entire install off the pen drive?….keeps it simplier.

  • The sandisk Cruzer Micro USB stick works succesfully.

    You can install and boot off the memory stick if the mainboard supports it. However on my Via Eden platform the performance was not too stellar.

    It's not that you can not, rather more like you should not.

  • You have a 4801, why not put in a laptop hard drive and run a normal install from that?  I believe that should work. Much faster than any USB 1.1 device too.