Firewall Not Pingable Until ifconfig down and then ifconfig up

  • Hey guys.

    I have searched the forum already and have been unable to find an answer for this issue.

    I have recently created a new firewall pair, both configured with 3 interfaces, along with approximately 230 VLANs.

    The issue I am having is that when the firewalls are restarted, no interface is pingable. I need to log in to the server by console, and then initiate the following commands on em3 (the LAN interface in this example).

    ifconfig em3 down
    ifconfig em3 up

    Only after entering the commands above is the interface pingable. Has anyone else experienced this issue and know of a fix?

    The pfSense WebGUI shows 1335 /3720 MBUF and netstat -r when the interface is not pingable does not show much more than this being used.


  • It's almost as if em3 is not brough up during a reboot procedure at all. Is anyone aware of why this would occur?


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