Ftp server behind pfsense

  • I have just installed pfsense 2.0. When all looks normal I want to configure access to the ftp server, but I do not find the ftp-helper as in previous versions.
    how do I configure the ftp server behind pfsense, thank you.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The FTP proxy is in the kernel now. It should automatically know whether it should be used or not, and do the right thing.

    Currently it is always on, there is no on/off switch

  • thanks for the response, can I know how to configure ftp proxy at least a link or document that I can read to understand it

  • You do not need to configure it. Just open up Port 21 (or anything you have configured on your server) and allow traffic to the ftp server. The helper will then dynamically open up ports for the ftp session…

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