PPPOE server and FQDN question

  • This is how my network is set up,
    Pfsense 1.2 on a Dell Poweredge server with 2 NIC's, WAN address 173.226.x.x, LAN address I have a range of private addresses 10.0.0.x/20 and a range of  public addresses 173.226.x.x./27. I have 3 servers on private addresses that have 1:1 NAT'ed to individual public addresses. The Pfsense box is running DNS forwarding with the FQDN of each server being forwarded to the internal address of the server. The Pfsense router is running a PPPOE server with an address of, with a client subnet of 10.0.8.x.   I am using Ubiquti Air Routers as the remote device that dials into the PPPOE server. The Air Router is passing out DHCP range of 192.168.1.x to clients.  The PPPOE server/client connection works fine and I can surf the web while connected to the Air Router with the exception of the 3 servers on my internal network. I can get to the servers from anywhere outside or inside my network using the FQDN but I cannot reach them from the far side of the PPPOE connection. One of the servers is running monitoring software that devices on the far side of the PPPOE connection need to reach using the FQDN.  I have set firewall rules in Pfsense to allow all traffic on the PPOE interface from 10.0.7.x and 10.0.8.x to any destination. What do I need to do to allow PPPOE clients to access those servers using FQDN. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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