My PfSense crashes randomly when using wifi

  • Hi all,

    I've been using monowall for about 2 years on a PIII with 512MB RAM. Works great.
    I wanted to add wifi to our LAN, so I started reading around and upgraded my
    monowall to Pfsense.
    I was using the last beta, but now I updated to latest 1.01.

    My problem :
    After upgrading to PFsense, I inserted a PCI D-link 520 wireless NIC in the PC (which is listed as compatible
    in the forums).
    I could quickly configure the card, and it works great.
    Under the latest beta however, the pfsense crashed every week or so.
    PC just stopped responding on keystrokes. So it really hanged.
    After updating to 1.01, it crashed every 5 minutes!

    I disabled the wireless NIC (assign interfaces), and the problem disappeared.

    What can I do about this?

    Thanks !

  • Post to freebsd-mobile.  This is a kernel issue.  Be prepared to provide tons of information to them, they are quite picky and require:

    dmesg -a
    uname -a

    Just to even open the door on the mailing list.

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