Ssh tunnel ?

  • Is there any way to make an ssh tunnel on a specific wan interface ?

    i'm trying to make this tutorial to work on pfsense 2.0.


  • assuming you are trying to setup an incoming tunnel just forward the port (on the desired interface or virtual IP) through to the ssh server.
    All that the tutorial is doing is the equivalent of running something like

    ssh  -D 8080  username@address-of-ssh-server

    in a *nix terminal and then you just alter whatever program you want to tunnel to use a socks5 proxy on

    If what you are trying to do is use the firewall as your ssh proxy I'd strongly advise against it as the system is not designed for it. Far better to get an older PC and set it up with FreeBSD behind the firewall.

    FYI this post is being done from an Ubuntu laptop down an ssh tunnel through a PFSense firewall and into a FreeBSD server.

    Should have also said don't use the default port of 22 on the public interface unless you want the world trying to brute force a connection, pick something obscure like 1222 and do a redirect.

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