TinyDNS install fail

  • Hello
    I am using vsphere 4.01 install pfsense amd64 version(guest os 4G ram  4  cpu )
    when I install tinyDNS package something wrong
    Checking for package installation…
    daemontools-0.76_14  could not download.
    of daemontools-0.76_14 failed!

    But in my another physical pc   tinyDNS can be installed

    maybe i must adjust vmware parameters ???

    is there anyone can give suggests?

    thank you~~

    my pfsense is
    2.0-BETA4 (amd64)
    built on Thu Nov 25 13:27:19 UTC 2010

  • Same issue under KVM.

    2.0-BETA4 (amd64)
    built on Sat Nov 27 03:21:17 UTC 2010

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