Server behind loadbalanced pfsense

  • Hi,

    I got a full setup working with load-balancing , but i still have 1 problem i'm not able to solve atm.
    The problem is the following :
    Behind my pfSense machine i have a small atom machine that acts as a basic linux server with a ssh service running on it, but since i activated the dual-wan setup i'm not able to connect to the ssh server from the outside.
    I've done the following :

    • On the firewall i have set the port forwarding from opt1 port 22 to the serverip port 22
      If Proto Ext. port range NAT IP     Int. port range Description
      OPT1 TCP         22 (SSH)    22 (SSH)         Puchi - SSH

    • In the rules i've set that all traffic from the serverip default goes over opt1
      Proto Source         Port Destination Port Gateway Schedule Description

    • * *         * WAN2pref           "Out - Puchi - Wan2"

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