TEAK 3035 Compact Flash install

  • Hi all,

    I'm attempting to install pfSense on a TEAK 3035 unit that I've just bought.

    Not having a huge amount of success at the moment and wondered if there was anyone out there who could help?

    Basically, I've tried various different breeds of CF card and difference versions of the pfSense 1.2.3 image but I keep getting stuck on the BTX loader screen. It just hangs there.

    I've tried a monowall install which gets further but won't recognise the intel gigabit NICs so I'm a bit stuck.

    My other option is to install on a HDD but I'd rather not do that from a reliability standpoint.

    Anyway, any help much appreciated.


  • Usually this is happening when you have nano bsd installed and you are trying to follow the boot sequence through the VGA port. In that case, you will have to attach the null modem cable and connect through the serial port. Nano bsd does not load VGA drivers.

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