Multiple lan segments being 1?

  • Hello and i'm not all that good with this kinda thing so bare with me

    I have 3 lan segments, and a wan in 1 box and everything i almost get it to work with bridging it doesnt allow me to access the gui from any of the 3 ports

    A 100mb First LAN
    bridged to second lan,24

    B 100mb Second LAN
    bridged to third lan,24

    C 1 gig Third LAN
    bridged to First LAN,24

    this even close to what i want?

    and as far as the nat goes i forwarded all to abc from each one. or at least i think so

    is their a guide to doing what i'm trying to possibly?

    thanks in advance

  • Multiple Interface bridge is not possible yet. It will be available in the next major version where you can create bridginggroups. Version 1.x will allow this through the gui but it won't work. You only can bridge one interface to another.

  • can i have 1 wan and 2 lans that will work just as if it were a switch?

  • Yes, bridge opt1 to lan and create rules to allow traffic anywhere at firewall>rules, opt1.

  • hoba i hate to be a nuisence but that doesnt seem to work for me but its really close it seems.  Is their maybe anything else you can think of that would be my problem?

    when i change to ( opt1 bridge to lan ) and firewall rules all of a sudden i cant access the router then when i reboot router i can access for like 10-15 seconds and it doesnt allow connection on main lan port and secondary port its weird almost like i had a duplex problem or hardware issue?

    by the way once i can get this doing what i want i'm switching all 4 of our offices over from dated cisco routers i'm super excited about the 2.0 version with multiple bridging ports that will destroy cisco is everyway especially when it comes to cost.

  • Maybe something from your previous setup is still somewhere in the backen. Try to reset to factory defaults from the shellmenu and start configuring the interfaces again. If there are special settings that you like to save from your old setup you can backup some sections at diagnostics>backup/restore. Just select the sections you need as a full backup would restore the broken configuration again.

  • aha! genius aparently i changed something i shouldnt have cause that did it your the man i gota new post tho :)

  • These 2 networks cannot ping each other? anything i have to forward?

  • You don't need to portforward but you need appropriate firewallrules. Start with any any any any… rules at both interfaces. Also make sure there is no ethernetloop (like both interfaces on the same switch). Check out status>interfaces. It will report ethernetloops if the stp detected one. In case you are using directly connected hosts make sure to use crossovercables.

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