Need advice on vlan configuration with pf, routing and xen config

  • Hi,
    Maybe this post is not related to pf itself but I am pretty sure that some on you expert can help me.

    Here is my setup:

    wan -> pppoe -> em0
    lan -> -> em1
    vlan200 -> -> vlan200 over em1
    wifi -> -> bridge with vlan300 over em1

    I have now a xen box where I want the following:

    • have my vms (domu) communicate with using vlan200
    • have the dom0 (xen itself) have an interface on the vlan1 (for dhcp and dns support for ex)

    I have created

    eth0 -> vlan1 :
    eth0 -> vlan200 :
    default route

    at this point, with a latpop configured in the lan, I can ping the
    if I ping the, a tcpdump on the xen box show that the ping comes in but can't go back

    from the xen box,
    I can ping the and and and the laptop in the lan vlan

    Is there something I miss that could help me to understand my the ping can't go back from for network but works with the other one?

    If you need more explantion, juste let me know.
    Thanks for any advices

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