Traffic shaper (penalty box) question

  • I managed to activate and manage the shaper, but my question is the following: Using the wizard, i have an option "penalty box". Looks good because i want to throttle one IP in my net.

    After finishing the wizard looked thru the queues but didn't find any corresponding entry with that prior entered IP.
    Now my question: Is that normal or am i blind?
    Is it a bug? Where can i see the settings for this specific IP?

    Thanks for any clarification!

  • I have never used that feature, but could it be that there was a firewall rule created for that ip assigning it to the limiter?

  • Yep. I found it as a floating rule. But there seems to be a bug, only an entry "Penalty Box
    " appeared here without the corresponding IP entered. That rule was obviously an "all to all" rule.
    I entered the IP and now i have to examin what happens the next days.

  • Can you please show me your <ezshaper>part in config.xml?</ezshaper>

  • Ouch! I deleted the whole thing and tried to do it new (trying all options to get the system behind more clear), so it doesn't exist any more.
    And as i did it via the wizard (none of them working actually, they all jump back to the VOIP-section), i can't reproduce it manually.

    Backups of the respective XML-files don't exist any more.

  • So it does work for you now?

  • As i can say, maybe. It didn't work first, after entering the details not even, but restricting that thing manually - yes. But then over the whole time and not by queueing. But this is due to my poor knowledge of how the shaper works.

    Sorry for this "swampy" answer…

  • Thanks!

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