Does pfsense provide ability to manage priority of traffic based on mac address?

  • I'll give a quick rundown of what i'm wanting to do so someone will be able to give me a reasonably idea how possible this is - if its possible at all.

    Afraid I'm not very network savvy dispite being an IT tech, something i've never really had to deal with other than basic networking, patching etc.

    What i'm after is for use at home as we have 5 people all using the system at once at times, along with a server which is on 24/7.

    I'm wanting to be able to give certain systems priority over the internet connection so say dad decides theres a 50mb FLAK audio sample he just can't live without and starts it downloading, I can still sit happy playing away on the xbox without my xbox connection / ping being destroyed and leaving me with a useless connection??

    Generally we all get along downloading and such, browsing internet etc without any battle for connection but when it comes to the xbox i often get very poor ping due to the activities of others (be it video streaming, bittorrent etc).

    I understand pfsense allows some sort of trafficshaping and rules to be configured but i don't really understand how much control these give you and if what I'm aiming for is even possible. I'm sure i'll get a few people asking me to search the forum as i see this being a question which is asked often but i'm not really sure what to search for as i'm not sure what part of pfsense (if any) would allow a config like i'm looking for.

  • thanks for the link there - I've read over it but it doesn't really give me much more than i already understand.

    Basically, I know the function of traffic shaping exists but what i need to know is if my example of use is achivable?? Does that make sense?

    I don't understand the limitations or options available in traffic shaping and should someone tell me what i want isn't possible I don't want to take the time testing and researching into it for zero return. Having a 3yo daughter and full time job doesn't leave me much in the way of spare time to play with things so i'd prefer someone to give me an opinion if my config is acheiveable - then if i know its possible i'll do the research and testing knowing I'll get somewhere in the end :)

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