SquidGuard don't filter.

  • Hi Everybody,
        I'm newbie in Pfsense, currently my SG can not filter extensions, my pf is 1.2.3, squid 2.7.9_4 and squidguard 1.3-03. My conf:
    1. First ACL "blk_Media": Dest Regex "..(mp3|wma|flv)($|?)" to bock media file and more
    2. Second ACL "blk_Exe": Dest Regex "..(exe|msi)($|?)" to block Execution file

    1. ACL blk_Media can filter media like mp3, wma.
    2. ACL blk_Exe can not filter file like exe, msi.

    if i create more ACL, only first ACL work. Any problem with my config? I attacted some screens, pls help me fix it.


  • Pls read tutorial about SG.

  • @dvserg:

    Pls read tutorial about SG.

    Thank you, dvserg! You are best.
    I got my problem here:

    0-order A_rule for Source

    1-order B_rile for Source In this situation

    In this situation B_rule never applying for source, becose A_rule already worked

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