• i use pfsense 1.2.3 on a old desktop pc with AMD K6 350Mhz, 128MB SDRAM, 32GB Hard Disk, AGP Card (attached on a monitor) and 3 Network Card: a Via 6305 (WAN with PPPoE link), 3Com 905 (LAN) and an Atheros Wireless Card (WLAN separated from LAN)…in some cases the system is freezed for no reason... I have tried to remove WLAN, to change RAM and Hard Disk but is still do it (this component are tested and work fine), the local keyboard doesnt responde, and LAN link is dead and only solution is to Reset the PC, after an initial scandisk it's still work fine (if not do it again!).
    Any Ideas????

  • Have you looked at your power supply voltages?

    Actually run a memory test tool?

    Mother board could be bad also…

  • i have tested memory with memtest86 for some hours…work fine
    there's a system log to looking for in this cases?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Freezes are almost always hardware related. Given the age of that hardware - 12 years old at least - I would consider it highly suspect.

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