2 gateways

  • I we have 2 gateways at our location and two networkranges (migration)

    default gateway 1 primary: /23
    default gateway 2 decondary: /24 (pfsense box)

    situation: everything is sent through the gateway but if the outgoing port is not allowed gateway 1 forwards it to gateway two.

    But since this tradffice is comming from another network range it is getting blocked, tried just adding the address as a host to the alowed internal network but that doesn' seem to work.

    Where do i need to put the address so that it works

    thanks in advance

  • Is gateway 1 a router outside of the pfsense box (gateway 2)? If so, for gateway 2 to be able to forward to gateway 1 they need to both be on the same broadcast domain (I think you have that) and network (You don't have this). Try adding an alias to your pfsense box like this:

    ifconfig em1 inet netmask alias

    where em1 is the interface that is and is an unused address on gateway 1's network.

    If this setting works and you need it to survive a reboot then add the above command to the appropriate place in your config file with tags.

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