2 PF same LAN

  • Just as a quick question if I change the default gateway away from the WAN port to say OP1 would Squid change to the OPT1 port. The other question is would this break the IPSEC connections and other services (such as e-mail) coming in on the WAN port.

  • No it should not if you do not send all traffic yourself through PBR to the OPT1 interface.

    As far as pfSense is conserned on 2.0 version OPT1 and WAN have no difference in them apart the name.
    Squid usually follows default gateway unless instructed otherwise by PBR.

  • I changed the default gateway but when I came in over a VPN from the WAN this caused the dashboard to be almost non responsive.

  • Would you be able to point me in the right direction with this complex config.

    I need it to be:

    PBX2       –               /VRRP:         --                                   PBX1
     |                                                                                                         |
    LAN -- PF1 -- (Bridge to LAN) OPT1 -------------/LAYER2 LINE/-------------  OPT1 -- PF2
              |                                                                                                |
            WAN                                                                                           WAN

    The PBX has a floating IP for redundancy that needs to flow between both sites.
    Both PBX needs to be on the same subnet. PF1 will need to get internet traffic from PF2 (as a gateway) to go to the LAN but also PF2 will need to send traffic directly to PBX1.

    This is stomping me and any help would be great thanks.

  • Anyone have any idea's?

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