Bridge and NAT/route, 4 Interfaces

  • Hello,

    maybe this question is a bit ridiculous (maybe not). But I want to know if I can run into problems with
    this kind of setup. The box for pfSense isn't bought yet but it will have 4 nics/ports.

    2 transparent Modems (means if you uplink a box it gets an official IP via DHCP (the IP itself is static))
    from the same provider (maybe in the same subnet, don't know yet).
    2 WAN (pfSense)
    2 LAN (pfSense)

    What I like to do with the pfSense-box is:

    WAN1------   NAT  --- LAN1 --- Switch ---"LAN-interface"
                  |                             |
               pfSense                     Multihomed-Server (no route/no forward between interfaces)
                  |                             |
    WAN2------ bridge ---(LAN2)--------------"Wan-interface"

    Obviously no interactions between (WAN1 and WAN2) or (WAN2 and LAN1).


    1. Is it possible?
    2. Is the conf in pfSense straight forward or tricky?
    3. Can I ran into problems?

    Thanks in advance.

  • So again (i hate that), I am speaking to myself …

    According to this post:,29657.0.html

    my planed setup should work.

    BUT, according to this posts:,5439.0.html,21077.0.html,11155.0.html,26479.0.html

    and this bug-report:

    there are annoying behaviors in bridged setups with more than 2 interfaces.

    So could someone give me some hints regarding:

    Lets speak in pfSense words:

    WAN1 --- WAN   (NAT)   LAN  --- LAN1 --- Switch --- if_lan
                  pfSense                               Multih. server
    WAN2 --- OPT1 (BRIDGE) OPT2 --- LAN2 -------------- if_wan

    I do not want that anything from WAN-LAN is traversing to
    OPT1-OPT2, means no TCP/IP no ARP no … nothing.
    Regarding above posts and bug I am not sure with that.

    To make it clear: My intention is to have "2 firewalls" combined
    in one box. The 2 walls should be seperated as much as possible.

    Is this possible with pfSense?


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