Multiple External IP addresses

  • Hi,

    I have a Vmware ESX server, which is hosted at an ISP. I want to setup a VM with pfsense in it, as the firewall/router for the other vm's running on the server.

    I need to have pfsense support multiple public IP addresses, so that any traffic coming in on a specific public IP, will go off to that specific VM on the internal network.

    Can this be done, if so, how ?

  • You either want a bridging setup if the internal servers should have their public IP or you want several virtual IPs and 1:1 NAT.

    Help on bridging can be found at .

    The other option looks like this:

    • create all the public IPs at firewall>virtual IPs (most likely proxy arp should work for you; I have heard carp has issues running on a VM)
    • create 1:1 nats to associate the virtual public IPs with the internal server IPs at firewall>nat, 1:1
    • create firewallrules for the needed ports at firewall>rules, wan

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