Custom ACL rules in squid

  • Im trying to put custom rules in squid, in this case for a mac whitelist
    When i put the code in custom options, this does not work

    acl xyz url_regex destino;
    acl abc arp "/root/abc.acl";
    acl payday arp "/root/arca.acl";
    http_access allow xyz;
    http_access allow abc;
    http_access deny !payday;
    deny_info ERR_SUSPENDIDO !payday;

    Even if i try to block an ip (to try if the squid its not compiled with arp support) does not work.
    There is a way where i manually can edit a file and put my custom configs? because the squid.conf its generated automatically.

  • Edit - this is the file that builds squid.conf when the service starts.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's /usr/local/pkg/ if you're having trouble locating the file.

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