Usb cdrom boot fails

  • I grabbed the latest 2.0 snapshot of the install image and am trying to boot it with a usb cdrom drive on a supermicro computer and it's failing, unable to mount root; almost immediately after that fails, it kprints info about the cdrom device "cd0", and I can enter "cd9660:/dev/cd0" to boot up.  I don't know if "cd0" simply needs to be added to the list of devices to scan, or if there needs to be a little delay to load the right driver before trying to access it or ??.  (Should I just file a bug on the issue?)

  • Use option 3 on the boot loader screen, or see:

  • You mean, "Boot pfSense using USB device" ?  Come on, only a real ninny would miss that.  Thanks… (that worked)

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