New install i386 last build problems

  • When setting up the interfaces it gives a error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /etc/inc/ on line 991

  • I've got the same problem and error und build 30.11.2010

  • you need just insert a ( in line 991
    change this

    $new_boot_config[] = 'console="comconsole"');


    $new_boot_config[] = ('console="comconsole"');

    and all is working

    the only question is why bugs like that are not found before building the images

  • btw the amd64 images have the same bug

  • Fixed.

  • Downloading,

    Let's see if the squid + squidguard will work again because yesterday was giving an error…

  • Same thing :( error in line 991

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is not a new snapshot yet. Wait for a new snapshot and try again.

  • When I applied the latest update the interfaces lost their ip addreses. Every time I attempted to set the interface ip addresses some error messages appeared and the console went back to the main pfsense menu. Unfortunately they flew by so fast I couldn't catch the exact messages. The same thing happened no matter which menu option I picked except for the shell. I ended up reinstalling 2.0 beta from the cd and applied the latest update with the same results. I've now reverted to the 2.0 beta from the CD and am in the process of manually downloading the next to last update from the snapshot web site. I wish I could give you specific information on what's going on but I'm not a linux guru…

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It has already been fixed. Wait for a new snapshot. No more info is needed until a new snapshot has been generated.

  • Hi
    I have had the same problem today and several rounds of loading different images before I got online again.

    Suggestion: in the update process, why not give us a list of the 10 last images, that way you do not have to update to the last one (if that has errors, like today) and you also do not have to wait to the next build …..

    I know you can download the images manually, but I think this will be a nice "extra service" for those who update frequently.


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