Wan pptp mtu config dont reflect settings on ppp interface

  • If you select pptp on the wan interface and set the mtu size - the mtu for the wan is set correct - but the ppp mtu is not set.
    So you end up with for example mtu 1252 on wan and mtu 1500 ppp interface. So http is not working well with the mtu missmatch ;-)

    Is this volitional?

  • The pptp mtu is not configured there.
    It is configured on the interfaces->assign->ppp screen.

  • i know that. but if you initial configure your wan with pptp and set mtu size the ppp is set to the real intf and the wan interface is "linked" to the ppp interface. On the wan interface the mtu is set correct but on the "real" intf ppp the mtu is not set.
    Thats really confusing because when you click on interface - wan, you only see wan,lan and no ppp if. thats only visible in assign.

    thats really strange behavior and very confusing if you setup your wan on one page and then have to look in interfaces - assign - ppp - advanced and set the corresponding mtu size there.

    my opinion - i might be wrong

  • Yeah it needs improvements.
    I will see if i can make this work as intended for 2.0.

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