Bridging Wan and Lan - PFsense stops working one I assign a default gateway

  • Hi Everyone,

    Sorry in advance as this may be a real noobish question.

    Here is my setup. I have a PF box segmenting 2 physical switches. I have very light FW rules at this time. Lan has all access where wan has limited access. I want to move my server and printer to the Wan side and then restrict what the workstations can access on the servers as well as run a snort instance to watch over the traffic.

    The issue: all is working well but as soon as I assign a DFG (set to my current firewall) I lose access to the wan connected devices. I also loose access to the PF box for a long period of time. As soon as I get back in and I make the DFG all is good again but the PF box can not set it's time, down load packages or anything to do with internet connections.

    Anyone got any ideas of what I may be doing wrong? Is there a better way to set this up?

    I would love to make the PF box my firewall as well but until I can get nightly reports of packet traffic, bounces and the such for management I can't make the move. If anyone has any solution for that I would be more then willing to entertain them. Is there a util like logwatch or somthing that will read the output from PF sent to a syslog server maybe?

    Thanks all in advance and sorry if this is a noob question.


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