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  • I am working with a hardware manufacturer to develop appliances aimed at installing open source firewall applications.  I am a big pfSense user but like installing a bit higher end equipment at customers sites.  This first to be released is the mid level 1u system.  Next will be a small desktop system, then a higher performance 1u or 2u system.

    Here are the basic specs for the 1u system.  Price is $995.

    Does this look like something you or your customers may be interested in?
    How does the price point look?
    What other features or hardware would you like to see?

    1u Rackmount

    443mm x 292mm x44mm

    1GB DDR3
    Expandable to 4GB

    Intel E5300 2.6GHz
    May be higher end in the future

    6 PCIe Intel 10/100/1000

    250GB SATAII
    Optional SSD
    CF Socket on board

    Front Ports
    6x RJ45 ethernet
    1x RJ45 console
    2x USB 2.0

    Rear Ports
    AC power inlet
    On/Off switch
    Fan opening

    1 year hardware

    CE /FCC/UL

  • Looks good but the price needs to be closer to $800.  Also, I would like to see a redundant power supply option.


  • Thanks for the feedback.  A redundant power supply is something that is planned for the higher end system.  There is not much margin on these.  I would love to be able to sell these for $800, maybe someday.  Volume would need to be much higher than I expect it will be to make that work.

  • I really like the specs and the Intel NICs. Also, your point about the price vs volume is well taken.


  • Question: How many fans (Case, CPU, Power Supply)?  Also, is the Power Supply 110/220 auto sensing?


  • It has three case fans that pull air over a big heat sink on the cpu.  The power supply also has 1 fan pushing air through.

    Here are the specs on the power supply

    Input voltage: 90 - 264 V
    Input frequency: 47 Hz TO 63 Hz
    Input current: 4.0 Amps maximum/115 Vrms,60 Hz;
                            2.0 Amps maximum/230 Vrms,50 Hz;

    Over voltage protection: +5V output: 5.7V min, 6.5V max;
                                            +3.3V output: 3.7V min, 4.5V max;
                                            +12V output 13.3V min, 15.6V max;

  • Thanks!  Will give one try in the near future.


  • Maybe not so much with this version but with the desktop model power usage can also be a sales pitch. list with different loads or cpu clocks down. I seem to remember amd latest cpu had some performance pr watt thingy.
    Option for a small 2 disk gmirroring solution.
    VPN card option.
    As we are in the pfSense forum the price could include the pfSense book or access to remote backup for a year.
    List pps,throughput it can handle.
    Specify what quality hardware means against on the shelf system from dell or hp.


  • LinxIT;

    Your state wants over $80 sales tax on that firewall !!!

    Time to relocate your business to a great state like Texas.   ;D


  • No tax on out of state orders :-)

  • Than someone need to tell your web developer that.  ;D


  • That is a bit odd.  I will have to talk to the shopping cart developer.  I looked at it and it defaults to charging tax until you have your address listed, the it does not charge tax.

    On Edit: Shopping cart people found a workaround.  Should look right now.  Thanks for noticing that.

  • Thanks. Will check it out.


    Still not right. it now shows:  "NC: $77.11"

    also, when I shop online, I want to be able to see the total $ amount due including shipping/handling without giving any personal data other than my zip code.


  • Wow that was an annoying issue.  The cart assumes everyone is in my home state until they put in their information.  I had to remove my home state from the setup.  So no it will show no tax until someone puts in an NC zip code.

    We don't charge shipping for ground.  If someone wants faster shipping it is based on weight.

    Thanks for your help sorting that out.

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