DNS Server Setup

  • Hi All

    I have been setting up and playing with PF sense for a while now. I have even bought the book.

    I have a box running, and have 2 questions.

    1. I have one PF box running on a Windows Domain (using windows DNS settings). When using the transparent proxy with liquidsquid, I only get the IP addresses from the pc's on the network going via the Proxy. ( the LAN interface is the Gateway fr al pc's on the network). How do I get it to resolve to DNS name or PC name?

    2. The same question, if you dont run a windows domain with a DNS server, how and what can I install to get PF to resolve the DNS name or pc name when doing Proxy reporting.

    If this question ahs been answered in detail on the forum, I do appologise. And if this is a stupid question, please take it easy on me.  ;)

    Thanks again for all the help.


  • You probably should have the Windows Server/primary domain controller, behind the firewall, become the primary DNS server for the entire LAN. Configure the Windows DNS to get its DNS info from a valid server on the Internet.

    Then have your pfSense box get its DNS from that Windows Server, and no other. That way your pfSense box will have the same DNS info as the primary domain controller.

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