WAN DHCP times out due to different assigned IP than DHCP server

  • Hi,
    When I upgraded from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3-RELEASE I began to have timeouts on the WAN interface (this had never occurred under 1.2.2).

    my pfSense WAN connection (re0) is to an ADSL modem in bridge mode to my ISP.
    when acquiring a DHCP lease from my ISP, pfSense does a request and gets a response and lease from the ISP.  The response and lease comes from an IP of 66.xxx.xxx.254.
    The problem is that the IP assigned on lease by the ISP is in the range of 76.xxx.xxx.xxx.

    When pfSense tries to renew the lease with the 66.xxx.xxx.254 server I get an error that "66.xxx.xxx.xxx is not on the network".  I have added explicit rules to the firewall, but that does not help.  So about every 2 hrs my link goes down and has to be manually renewed.

    Any suggestions?

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