Gateway Status - Gathering Data

  • Running Latests Dec 4 snapshot,
    Since Nov 30 snapshot on a clean reboot Gateway Status on Dashboard and Gateway status from status menu displays "Gathering Data" indefinately even though everything appears to be working. If I go into the routing menu and edit/resave one of my gateways, status shows "online" as expected however this generates a system log entry

    "php: : Gateways status could not be determined, considering all as up/active."

    Normal operation?

    Running i386 vers. on a basic dual wan/loadbalance configuration

    Thank You for your work

  • same issue for me.

  • I'm seeing that log as well at boot time, it's functioning just fine though, load balancing and failover. The initial filter load appears to be happening faster than apinger is putting out its status, so initially at boot time it just considers everything up. apinger will handle status properly from there once it has its status (approximately 2 seconds later).

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