Hardware for Transparent Web-Cache

  • I need some advice on the best hardware configuration for a reliable and effective cache server + layer 7 appliance. We have a satellite connection. SSD or 10K RPM hard drive how much RAM etc. I am thinking of using the Netgate Hamakua 1U: 5 LAN Network Application Platform
    1GHz Intel Celeron M with pfSense firewall.

  • How many users, how much bandwidth, what type of traffic (do they regularly visit the same pages, different pages, etc)?

    Depending on the answer your Celeron M may be overkill, or massively underpowered.  More RAM always helps, as does a bigger disk for cache.  Given the speed difference between your Internet link and any hard disk your choice of SSD or hard disk will be largely irrelevant.

  • There will be between 50 and 70 users concurrently.  Up to 20M down and upto 2 Meg UP for one site.  The satellite connection is 1 M down and 386UP

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    It will be more than enough….........

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