2.0 shaper question (multiple lan setup)

  • Hi,

    With the 2.0 shaper I understand that multi lan setups are permitted. Here is the problem I currently have with 1.2.3:

    2 - LAN interfaces (wireless and wired)
    1 - WAN interface

    Shaping works great except for the following: I want to shape the traffic between the 2 LAN interfaces differently (or have the option of not shaping at all). Right now I cannot do that in 1.2.3. Currently in 1.2.3 all traffic between the wired and wireless network is shaped. It would be great if I could specify different rules for traffic between the two LAN interfaces. For example:

    Wired <-> Wireless (100mbps/100mbps)
    Wired -> WAN (10mbps/2mbps)
    Wireless -> WAN (10mbps/2mbps)

    Somehow the wired and wireless queues would need tied together. For example, I have 2mbps total upload through the WAN interface. I don't want to split the queues into 2 - 1mbps queues.

    Thoughts? Thanks.

  • Any takers?

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