New install can see msg in console but cannot type text in terminal (RESOLVED)

  • Hi there,

    I can connect with the null modem cable via com1 port to the pfsense v2.0 beta4.
    I can see it is loading fine and asking me a question like.. Do u want to config vlan? n/y

    But i cannot type anything text ??? in my hyperterminal or putty..
    My setup is N-8-1 and VT100 (tried all emulator)….

    Anyone can help me out?

    Edit: after trying to replace null modem cable, com port header cable... finally it is the fauty of my USB-to-Serial adaptor.... it can show msg output but cannot allow to type. now i change a new one (the same chipset of PL2303) and it works  ;D

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