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    On one of our three pfSense machines (1 at 3 different buildings) all of a sudden I am seeing 10% Loss on the Load Balancing webgui for one of the two wans. The milliseconds times,pings to the dns server looks normal. Looking at the interfaces stats,there are no collisions or I/O errors. My traceroute times looks respectable going out to different known servers ip addresses whenever I manually check them. I haven't seen this in the past so I really don't know how to approach troubleshooting what may be occuring. I did do a search here and never found any insight on what to ascertain from these readings.
    There has been no configuration changes made on this machine by the way. ( Famous last words,I know)..
    I guess I will monitor this as it stands for the next three- four days and see if the condition stays the same?


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    What that probably indicates is that the loss is happening between your CPE (cable modem, DSL modem, etc) and your ISP. That would not show up as any kind of i/o error on the pfSense router's network card, yet would present itself as loss/latency.

  • Yes I too am facing the same problem, If there is a failure of one of the ISP's and then when the connection comes back, the load balancer shows very high latency & loss, if i reload the load balancer that moment by going to services loadbalancer edit & save the loadbalancer functions properly

  • cirkit,

    Thank You for the informative response!
    I will give a try what solved this prob for you on our pfSense box and report back when this same problem arises.

    Take Care,

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