Is the Package Status doc being updated?

  • Is the package status document at,22158.0.html (sticky) being updated consistently with current values? I haven't kept close enough track to tell if it's been changing and I've been avoiding the packages that aren't confirmed as yes on the list unless I'm trying to test specifically. It's OK either way, just curious. A last-updated date column on that spreadsheet would be handy.

  • I don't think, that it is updated, because lightsquid works fine (without the graphs) in pfsense 2beta4 but isn't noticed in this list as "works".

    Further freeRADIUS seems to work after you kill "radiusd" after start and restart with "radiusd" so that only one freeRADIUS session is started.

  • It hasn't been touched in a while, and need to be fully re-validated after the package rebuild we did after a server failure over the weekend. David, I can give you access to that document if you email me with what account to add there.

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