Look & feel: Firewall: Aliases: Edit - Cancel button doesn't work

  • If i add or change an alias and want do cancel, it doesn't go back.
    2.0-BETA4 (amd64) built on Tue Dec 7 07:38:11 UTC 2010

    IE8 with pfsense theme. Compatibility mode doesn't work, i'm using https.

    Do you have planned to make the frontend more ie8 compatible?

  • Interfaces: Groups: Edit have the same issue.


    I think ie8 doesn't want an button inside an anchor.

  • @ggzengel:

    Do you have planned to make the frontend more ie8 compatible?

    this is the only IE 7 or 8 compatibility issue I'm aware of, as long as you aren't in compatibility mode. Everything else works in IE as far as I'm aware.

    Supporting all 5 major browsers is a high priority, but we're not going to fight IE bugs if there are issues at times and the code is correct and it works in Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. At that point it's MS's issue, not ours, and we just don't have the time to fight it (though patches are welcome). Doesn't appear that that's the case with this specific issue though.

  • It's an Internet Explorer issue and affects other pages like the traffic shaper with or without Compatibility View.
    To be honest, I don't quite see this as an issue.  Chrome/ Firefox are available on just about every platform and a Network Administrator should have the rights and responsibility to use these alternatives.
    Furthermore, the SVG graphs don't work in IE anyway and detracts from the full experience of the pfSense UI.

  • I never work with admin rights under windows and the most browser need admin rights for selfupdate.
    We are using the software which our customer uses and its easier to deploy ie8 with wsus and we have group policies to config ie8.

    I write it again, with https there is no compatibility view.

    I understand that this i less urgent and i can wait.

  • I don't use IE much, however I do agree that for corporate systems, IE is easier to deploy/configure (even though there are third-party GPO-controllable Firefox bundles). However, I will note (my main point :-) that Google Chrome works great with pfSense and can be installed and updated as a regular User without requiring Admin rights, right to the user profile (unless non-standard executables are also blocked in a very locked-down environment).

  • Google Chrome doesn't work with roaming profiles.

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