IPsec status never green for Mobile connections

  • When viewing the /diag_ipsec.php IPsec Status page, site-to-site VPNs that are currently connected show a green Status symbol, or yellow when disconnected. However, with the Mobile IPsec, on the same box, even when I'm connected (via Shrewsoft) and passing traffic, the Mobile IPsec tunnel's status never changes from the yellow Status symbol. Is this a bug? I've noticed it in the last month or so, though I'm on the current snapshot (from Dec. 7th) as I type, with the same issue, i386 32-bit on ESXi. I've seen it on boxes elsewhere as well, not just this one config.

    The Dashboard also shows the Mobile IPsec tunnel as Inactive/Down always, to match the Status per above.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's non-trivial to get the status of IPsec mobile clients. The dashboard widget can detect the status properly, but for users with many tunnels the performance of gathering the status data is quite poor. Poor enough I have not tried to make the full status page do the same task so it does not become a burden to use for those with lots of tunnels.

  • Gotcha. Not a big deal, just seemed inconsistent. I'm not sure if it matters much, but it may be helpful to change the status icon (or remove it) for mobile tunnels so it's obvious to the user that it's not being checked and may very well be working, since right now it looks like they're never up. Of course a "show mobile status" link that adds mobile status when needed without checking every time would be optimal, but it's if non-trivial that's probably something that can wait for a point release if it is important to someone.

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