Traffic Shaping help needed…

  • Hi Guys
    After spending 2 days on traffic shaping, I just can not get it to work.

    My configurations:

                                          + --- DIGINET LINE (768K) 
    LAN --- pfSense(2) ---+
                                         + --- ADSL LINE (4M)

    What I would like to do is:


    • HTTP over ADSL LINE

    • The list goes on, but if I know how to do the top 2, I will be able to continue…

    I have created queues looking like this:


    My questions:

    • How do I force my HTTP(80) traffic to only use the ADSL line?  I keep getting my HTTP traffic over the qDefault on the DIGINET Line

    • HOW would I force MAIL(110/25) over the DIGINET line?  It also just goes to the qDefault on the DIGINET line

    Kind regards
    Aubrey Kloppers

  • This is a routing problem, not a traffic shaping one, per se. More info on multi-WAN in 2.0 here:,10407.0.html

    You need to create a rule on the LAN interface for DST port 80, Gateway: ADSL.
    Similarly, rules on the LAN interface for DST port 25, 110, Gateway: DIGINET.

    These rules go above the default pass rule if you have one.

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