Verizon LTE Device?

  • Anyone gotten a Verizon LTE usb dongle to work under pfSense?  My "plan B" is a Cradlepoint router that they say they have a firmware coming for in a couple weeks that will do IP passthrough, but if I don't need a $150 extra piece of hardware I'd be real happy.

  • Cradlepoint already has a bridge only device (CBA750) that gives you a public IP.  Granted pfsense support for LTE would be great but if you need something today, checkout the CBA750.


  • The CBA250 does that as well for $100 or so less.  Cradlepoint is telling me a few weeks for support so I'll go that route if nothing else.  It may be better anyway since the pfsense is in a network closet in the basement.  I can put the Cradlepoint somewhere it can get the best signal and just run CAT5 back to the closet.

  • BTW, the CBA750 does Power-Over-Ethernet if you need that.  Also, what router is this future firmware going to work on?  I also have an MBR1000 that I wish had an IP pass-through option.


  • That might be worth the extra cost to make it easier to locate.  I'm not sure what all routers are getting updates–I just asked about the CBA's because I saw they had the passthrough feature.

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