IPsec between 2 offices- Devices connected via WAP can't be pinged from remote

  • IPsec between 2 offices- Devices connected via WAP can't be pinged from remote location.

    I have 2 offices that each have a pFsense box.  IPsec is configured to create the tunnel between the two offices.  One of the offices has a WAP on the network for wireless devices to connect.  Devices that connect wirelessly through the access point cannot be pinged/seen on the network from the REMOTE location.  Locally, all wireless devices can be seen on the network from any computer.  If I'm on a computer in the remote location, I can ping all devices on the network EXCEPT the wireless devices.  This WAS working just fine.  All devices use to be able to connect to each other from either location.  I have not made any network changes.  Although I have installed a couple packages on both sides and i can't see how this would have created this issue.  I apologize in advance if I'm not being clear.  Thanks for your help.  Here is the info for each office:
    **Local Office with WAP
    -pfsense 1.2.2
    Open-VM-Tools  Services
    squid  recently installed
    squidGuard  recently installed
    **Remote office
    -pfsense 1.2.2

  • Additional observation:
    Even though wireless devices can't be seen remotely(thru tunnel), devices that are connected via cat5 directly into the WAP can be seen just fine from remote office(thru tunnel).
    Here's a diagram of the local office networking devices:

        |                    cat5                        cat5
    24port switch <–----------- WAP--------------------
        |                                    |                              |
    workstations                      Wireless devices      Wired devices

    The wireless devices from the WAP cannot be seen on network from remote location(thru tunnel).  Wired devices connected to WAP can be seen from remote location(thru tunnel).
    Locally, all devices (wired and wireless) can connect to each other.

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