SquidGuard and redirects?

  • hello guys,

    i want to redirect my errorpage in squidguard to a https site on same server!
    i have searched in forum but always says about corrected…. :(
    thats not true :(

    i have pfsense 1.2.3-release
    and my lighttpd settings are corrected that i can access http/https tree file view ;)


    internet / wan <-> havp <-> squid <-> intranet / lan

    the error:
    Der folgende Server ist down:
    Could not read headers

    i think that is corrected for squid and squidguard only but not for havp

    can havp understand https ?

    thanks for help

  • Don't use https for SG redirect. It's not worked for me.

  • hmmm but how i can redirect?

    the problem is that i have a port forward for havp in lan which redirect port 80 (http) to 8080 (havp)
    and squid is my parent proxy for havp

    my pfsense gui is https and when i want redirect errorpages to my own server , i have to set the redirect to https
    i cant make lighttpd to listen on two ports!

    Alternative: i can set the pfsense gui to http port, BUT then i cant, with the port-forward, access any machine on port 80….all apache2 / webservers were unaccessable :(

    any ideas?
    THANKS dvserg

  • I do not know an elegant solution to this https problem. If there are any interesting offers, I will gladly use them.

    But - SG analyse and use HTTP-GUI LAN IP:port (need Save & Apply on General page SG). You can use any httpGUI port.

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