Squidguard log disabled

  • I was curious about the fact that at the Web-IF the squidguard log shows "disabled. So i looked at squidguard.inc and found the respective lines excluded. I changed that and squidguard.log is now shown perfectly as it should.

    Is there any reason to exclude the log from being shown?

    The lines are this ones:

    /* Disable message...
                        $slog .= 'squidguard_log report disabled';
    and enable the rest...
                                $filename = SQUIDGUARD_LOGDIR . '/squidGuard.log';
                                $slog .= "**$filename**
                                if (file_exists($filename)) {
                                    $slog .= file_get_contents($filename);
                                    $slog = explode("\n", $slog);  
                                    while (count($slog) > 500)  array_shift($slog);  
                                    $slog = implode("\n", $slog);
                                    $slog = str_replace("\n", "
    ", $slog);  
                                    $slog = "$slog";

  • New SG log page will be created.

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