Dns or url based routing

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    I have two interfaces into the Internet, and I'd to use one for streaming traffic such as netflix, hulu etc. and use the other for routine traffic.

    I could do this with routing .. if I knew all the netflix, hulu, akami etc Ip ranges, but it can be hard to get this for all of their sources, and is subject to change.

    What I'd like to do.. is watch the URL being requested, and then update the route table or otherwise affect the outbound interface based on that url ..  … ie anything with 'netflix' in the url goes out goes out interface 2 .

    Is there anything within the pfsense router/fw/nat or other component that can do this?

    Along the same line... has anyone made up a list of US based streaming media IP ranges for a firewall? 
    Netfilix, Youtube, Hulu, pandora etc ?

    thanks in advance

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There might be a way to do this with squid, but not in our GUI, and your second WAN would need to have a static IP.

    Not sure about the others, but I know Pandora is and Rhapsody is

    Doing this by IP range is really the only viable way without a proxy. By the time any direct connection could be inspected, the connection to the remote server would already be established so it could not be rerouted at that point.

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