I dont think pfsense can do what i want but maybe…..

  • could someone offer a sugestion possibly.

    I would like to shape wan usage via ip on lan?

    for instance (gateway) - (workstations)  no more then 150kb\15kb - (file servers) no wan bandwidth only lan access - (higher bandwidth workstations) 300kb\30kb

    what would be my best bet for something to this nature? hopfully pfsense can, my newly found cisco killa.

  • You can do this but you have to setup custom rules and queues to do this. You won't be able to achieve this by only using the wizard. Start with the wizard and after it completed add some queues with upper limits like desired. Then create some trafficshaper rules to send IPs to the queue that reflects their priority. Using Aliases can simplify your ruleset a lot. For your example you only need 2 queues (workstations/higher bandwidth workstations). I would just block the fileserver IPs from going anywhere with a firewallrule (this then can be easily disabled in case you need wan access for these hosts as well).

  • for this to work you need a lot of manuel tweeking of the trafic shaper rules
    the som of the total defined ip's up and download speeds can not be more then the speed of youre line
    so with a 3000 kb/sec line you can define maximum 10 clients with 300 kb/sec
    if you define 11 of them then the shaping stops

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